Recyclable Pods - Calm Before The Storm

Recyclable Pods - Calm Before The Storm

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Calm Before The Storm - Recyclable Pods 


The ever popular Calm before the storm - now available in Pod form!

Calm before the storm was created during a long blackout in Sydney. Going back to basics, we only had use of a v60 and a hand grinder! What emerged was a full bodied coffee bean that packs a punch! A complex blend with an individual cupping score of 86-94. It is rich and smooth with notes of brandy, blueberry, pineapple, and lilac. The flavour consolidates but maintains sweetness in a long, resonantly dry finish.

Crafting our Calm before the storm combines six beans beautifully:

  • PNG Kongo - washed.
  • Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - washed.
  • Sumatera Aceh Gayo - semi washed. 
  • Kenya ab - washed.
  • Columbian Supremo - washed.
  • Indian Kaapi royale - washed.

The full bodied nature of this blend is perfect for coffee lovers who like to know they have had a real coffee experience. This blend goes perfect with your milk based expresso coffee with a long lasting dark chocolate finish.