Plantation Wood Roasted

Plantation is our award-winning signature blend. Smooth and creamy with a strong wood-fired taste and aroma. Blueberry and choc caramel flavours with excellent body and delicate mouthful.This blend has won Silver in the 2014 Australian International Coffee Awards.

Swiss Water Decaf

It’s not decaf anymore! It’s as good as a specialty blend. A decaf blend created with highly speciality coffee from darker Mexican to medium Columbian with beautiful nutty, caramel fragrance and aroma. Subtle acidity. Flavour of honey, roasted macadamia and cocoa in the cup. Sweet caramel body and long smooth tart finish.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

The most popular and exotic coffee in the world. Crisp and sweet with citrus and floral notes.Delicate, balanced acidity, silky with notes of honey, rose, orange and almond. A hint of fresh-cut cedar in aroma and cup.Intense acidity with a long aftertaste.

Brazil Yellow Bourbon

Simple and balanced yet rich coffee and thick bodied. Sweet-toned and gently pungent in the cup with silky mouthful and limited but pleasing nuance. Hints of chocolate, banana-like fruit and honeyish flavours. Notes of honey and, caramel with a balancing crisp pungency. Roasted nut notes in aroma with low-acid fruit notes like raisin and cherry, cocoa and dusk-floral notes in both cup and finish.

The Brunette

Bronze medal award-winning blend. A Speciality blend with a strong flavour and richcomplexity.A superb balance! Milk & dark chocolate aroma, nutty with intense caramel flavour and honey notes. A hint of fruity citrus With mandarin, orange and papaya notes.

Go Nuts

Silver award-winning blend with highly speciality coffee and an individual coffee score of 86-96. Smooth and pleasant acidity, smooth finish, nutty overtones and rich medium to full body. Tropical fruit, blueberry, orange with dark chocolate & honeycomb flavour. Medium body with a sweet toffee aftertaste. This blend won a silver medal in the 2015 Sydney Royal Fine Food Show.

Purple Flute

A new blend! A Melbourne style blend created with highly specialty coffee. Individual cupping score of 86-94. Delicious butterscotch flavor with tropical stone fruit tones. Beautiful milk chocolate, honey, and caramel tones. Medium to high acidity. Intense smooth chocolate aftertaste.

Calm Before The Storm

Our newest creation!A complex blend from with the individual cupping score of 86-94.It is rich and smooth with notes of brandy, blueberry, pineapple and lilac. The flavour consolidates but maintains sweetness in a long, resonantly dry finish.

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