Recyclable Pods - Purple Flute
Recyclable Pods - Purple Flute

Recyclable Pods - Purple Flute

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Purple Flute - Recyclable Pods 

A Melbourne style blend created with high scoring specialty coffee. Individual cupping score of 86-94. Delicious butterscotch flavours with tropical stone fruit tones. Beautiful milk chocolate, honey, and caramel tones. Medium to high acidity. Intense smooth chocolate aftertaste.

  • Brazil yellow bourbon - natural
  • PNG Kongo a - washed
  • Colombia supremo - washed
  • Kenya ab - washed
  • Ethiopian yirgacheffe - washed
  • Sumatra mandheling - semi washed

There's much to be said about this rich blend. A combination of our top farms; Purple Flute takes on strong characteristics of the americas, as well as showcasing African and Oceanic regions. lightly roasted, it extracts notes of citrus and milk chocolate. Yellow bourbon is one of the most prestigious, heirloom varieties of the arabica bean. This pulped natural coffee has a wonderful smooth and round body, with a delicate finish and this combined with the yirgacheffe helps produce one of our most memorable blends. A favourite amongst the specialty coffee world.