A Simple Guide To Roasting Coffee At Home - What You Need To Know

A Simple Guide To Roasting Coffee At Home - What You Need To Know - The Wood Roaster

While coffee has always been a household staple, even today it continues to take the world by storm. With countless coffee shops and cafes sprouting elsewhere in major cities of the world, it’s easy to say that there are no signs of stopping in regards to coffee innovations. In fact, every specialty coffee type now comes with a whole new level of growing, processing, roasting, and brewing coffee, and many people are turning to coffee roasting as a specialty hobby.

But what does it take to roast your own coffee at home? Chances are, if you’re doing it for the first time, you’ll have to deal with the beans being charred and your kitchen filled with smoke. However, there’s tons of fun and excitement that comes with roasting coffee at home. In this blog, we’ll explore the wonders of roasting coffee right at the comforts of your home.

The Art of Roasting Coffee

They say that coffee roasting is a craft that entails having the right experience. It’s more than just finding a perfect place in your home to deal with the smoky, messy affair and regulating the ideal temperature to pull off the right taste and flavour for your coffee.

For the most part, as a beginner, you probably hope to achieve at least the Medium Roast level, which is to include the Regular Roast, American Roast, City Roast, and Breakfast Roast. But whatever roast you plan to execute, you need to have the experience behind you and the drive to learn the art of coffee roasting in detail.

What You Need for Coffee Roasting

Of course, you don’t necessarily need to have plenty of coffee beans to roast in your own residence. A moderate coffee bean supply will do for the entire household.

What you actually need to choose is a gasoline grill with an aspect burner over the usual charcoal that can be quite daunting for roasting. Either you’ll go for a full-measurement grill or only a propane-powered tenting range. While you’re at it, make sure to have an open-air area ready so your humble abode won’t stink with overwhelmingly strong coffee smoke.

Once you have everything set in place, you can start roasting your coffee beans. Keep in mind that every bean expands as the roast colour darkens. Finally, you have to stop the process when the roast progresses to what we call “second crack.”

How to Cater to Coffee Lovers

Roasting at home can be a great place to practice for a business. Who knows? With time and practice, you might soon venture into a coffee business, depending on whether you cater to individual buyers. When it comes to this, it’s important to know that every individual has different needs and wants from a coffee provider. Hence, knowing your target consumer or market can make all the difference. However, this idea is a long ways away from coming to fruition. At this juncture, you should focus on roasting coffee at home until you get the hang of it.


It’s one thing to drink coffee, it’s another thing to roast your own coffee beans in the comforts of your home. From a mere coffee aficionado to a bonafide coffee connoisseur, coffee roasting opens up so many avenues and opportunities for coffee lovers.

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