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The Wood Roaster
You want something unique with bold flavours, that will keep your customers loyal and coming back for more? Look in further, our award winning, high quality specialty beans are roasted in a custom built, temperature controlled roaster, ensuring a rich & consistent roast, every time.
The Wood Roaster
You know, like the good old days. Think regular on-site visits, friendly check ins and follow ups, plus weekly deliveries. You can call on us anytime. We’re here for you, just like you’re part of the family. Our rare, consultative, collaborative and strategic approach will assist you to achieve your business and marketing objectives.
The Wood Roaster
We’re never afraid to push the boundaries in our ongoing quest for creating the best tasting coffee that supports a sustainable future. We use Australian ironbark hardwood sourced from sustainable forests, where for every tree removed, another 3 are planted and we own 52 solar panels that power our roastery.

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- Darkes Forest Ranch
- Sarah Lay, Sakura Coffee & Cakes
- Daniel Milgram, Blackfish Café & Grill

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Get in touch by filling in the form or giving us a call and we can have a chat & arrange a coffee tasting.
The Wood Roaster
After our tasting, we will put together a proposal and it is time for you to make a decision.
The Wood Roaster
Now we get to the best part, install equipment, giving you training and support and start growing your business.

The Wood Roaster has partnered with cafes, franchises & distributors Australia wide