Choose from a range of award-winning blends, exquisite single origins or create your own unique coffee blend. The Wood Roaster provides a complimentary service to help build your brand through packaging, signage, marketing and of course your signature blend.

Partnering with specialists in strategy and graphic design we are ready to help build your brand. How satisfying to see your logo and label arrive on your coffee bags and perhaps also your own signature label too.

We have extensive experience roasting for private label customers with both commercial espresso machines and fully automated machines. We also have experience roasting for both national and international clients.

We offer cupping sessions to help create your own signature blend. Our Head Roaster and dedicated team can show you through our plant, explain our state of the art equipment and learn about our quality green beans sourced fromall around the world. Let us help you achieve your goals and create that special blend – think flavours, aroma, body!

Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements and we can tailor a product specific for you.