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Lex Blend

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Lex Blend 

Lex is a project blend encompassing a current exotic, rare and exciting combination. Delightfully crafted using at least two or more varieties – Catuai, Bourbon, Castillo, Heirloom. The result has a distinctly floral bouquet and a riot of fruit flavours and honeyed tones that are an attack on the senses. Beans are sourced direct from single estate multi generation farms that specializes in producing high flavour profile coffees. Farms are always experimenting with new and hybrid varieties and different processing methods to create amazing coffee

Melon, Passionfruit, Pineapple, Guava, lime, Berries, Milk Chocolate, Honey, Caramel

Aroma: 9      Acidity: 8      Body: 8      Flavour: 10      Aftertaste: 9