Olivia - The Wood Roaster
Olivia - The Wood Roaster
Olivia - The Wood Roaster
Olivia - The Wood Roaster


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Olivia is a much loved creation as it always delivers a sweet, complex and rich espresso with notes of English Toffee, Blackcurrant, Caramelised Orange and Dark Chocolate. In milk-based beverages, the flavours are enhanced with heavy malt chocolate. Origins include Rwanda, PNG and Kenya.

Olivia is our most popular premium blend, using an extraordinary mix of African and Oceanic beans, this blend showcases some of the worlds most unique coffee profiles.

  • Rwanda Miribizi - washed
  • PNG Kongo A - washed
  • Kenya AB - washed

Miribizi is a bourbon that has a bright acidity and the sweetness of lemon juice. It has an additional fermentation process that increases its proteins (amino acids).

Grown almost entirely without pesticides in a small village, PNG Kongo A is cherished around the world for its delicate fruity, winey and smooth caramel tasting notes.

Kenya AB is widely recognised as offering balance and pronounced tasting notes of anything from berries and stone fruits to sweet citrus.