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Puretec Ultra Z & Balance Plus Twin Water Treatment System

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Superior filtration technology that maintains flavour-enhancing minerals in water whilst ensuring a balanced pH.

The CO-UB150-K provides the perfect balance between protecting espresso equipment and the ideal water quality for espresso brewing. The Puretec Ultra Z and Balance+ Twin System combines the ultra-fine filtering capabilities of the Ultra Z cartridge to filter down to 0.1 micron and Balance+ Technology to maintain flavour-enhancing minerals in the water, so that balanced flavour is achieved, whilst also protecting equipment from lime scale.


  • Retains mineral content to bring out espresso flavours with superior sediment reduction
  • Nuclear Crystalization of Calcium and Magnesium ions
  • Balance+ media does not add or take anything from the water, maintaining TDS levels after treatment
  • The pH levels remain unchanged, meaning the treated water is suitable for nearly any application where corrosion is a concern
  • Low cost alternative to reverse osmosis systems
  • Easy installation and maintenance


  • Puretec twin quick twist valve-in-head (includes front mount pressure gauge)
  • 3/8” quick connect tube fitting
  • 3/8” male thread fitting
  • ½” male thread fitting
  • Puretec Ultra Z Water Filter Cartridge
  • Puretec Balance Plus Water Filter Cartridge


Size: 15″
Micron Rating: 0.1
Flow Rate (Lpm @ 60psi): 9 Lpm
Capacity: 60,0000 L
Temperature Rating: 0 – 38°C
Pressure: 200 – 689 kPa
Scale Reduction: 4,921L @1.09 Lpm

Balance Plus Water Filter Cartridge
Size: 17″
Flow Rate (Lpm @ 60psi): 3 Lpm
Temperature Rating: 2-38 o C
Pressure: 200 – 689 kPa
Function: Chemical/Mechanical contaminant reduction