4 Steps The Wood Roaster takes towards being a sustainable business

4 Steps The Wood Roaster takes towards being a sustainable business - The Wood Roaster
Here at The Wood Roaster, we understand the impact that businesses can have on the planet and so we are always striving to lower our carbon footprint and be as green as we can be.

sustainable business

1. We wood roast our coffee 
instead of gas roasting

Aside from going back to the traditional roots of wood roasting our coffee beans, another big appeal of wood roasting is that the heat source is 100% natural. Gas roasting is the most common way that many roast their coffee beans, however, it is not as energy efficient or environmentally friendly because gas relies on chemicals to supply heat. Wood roasting is a great way to avoid the use of chemicals, making it a more environmentally friendly heat source. 


    sustainable business

    2. We source our wood from sustainable forests

    Wood roasting is a great start, however, we are still conscious of its impact on the environment and as a result we have opted to source our vintage ironbark from sustainably managed forests in Queensland, Australia. Every tree they cut down; 3 new trees are planted. We then remove moisture from the timber by airing it in our warehouse, thereby burning only dry-aged timber.


    sustainable business

    3. We are a 100% solar-powered factory

    The Wood roaster owns 52 solar panels, this clean and renewable energy source power sour entire factory here in Marrickville, Sydney. This is another step we are taking to ensure that we are a sustainable business and have a low carbon footprint.


      sustainable business

      4. We sell reusable coffee cups

      We help our customers become more environmentally friendly by selling reusable coffee cups. Did you know that when you use a reusable coffee cup, you are saving an average of 500 cups per year! Now that definitely sounds worthwhile, if you ask me. You can get your very own Wood Roaster reusable cup right here.


        We are always looking for more ways to lower our impact and carbon footprint on this planet. Inspire us! In what ways does your business ensure it is being sustainable? Head over to The Wood Roaster Instagram and let us know!

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