5 Must Have Cleaning Habits To Maintain Your Coffee Roaster

5 Must Have Cleaning Habits To Maintain Your Coffee Roaster - The Wood Roaster

Coffee roasters are wonderful pieces of machinery, but despite all their glory, cleaning them can be a daunting process. For one, coffee roasters are a beast, and they pack an extreme amount of weight. Additionally, coffee roasters also differ in design and shape, so the cleaning techniques for each model will vary. You also need to ensure that several parts of the machine are cleaned and maintained. These include the chaff collector, cooling tray, the fan, and the ducting or piping.

With all that said, there are common cleaning techniques that can be applied to most coffee roasters. Here are the must-have cleaning habits to maintain your coffee roaster:

Analyse your coffee roaster model and determine where residue commonly builds up

As there are various coffee roaster brands and models, the parts where residue builds up will differ. In general, though, there will always be a section of the roaster where coffee wastes will accumulate. Studying your machine and identifying this section will allow you to clean your roaster thoroughly.

Check for coffee oils on the inside of the coffee roaster

Another inevitable part of roaster maintenance is cleaning coffee oil build-up. These oils, while they accumulate slowly over time, it can be difficult to remove them as they stick onto the surfaces of the roaster. The heat essentially melts the oil and bakes it onto the interior of the roaster, and for this reason, you must regularly clean the roaster. If the oily substance is becoming too thick, that means it's time to thoroughly clean your roaster.

Coffee dust can solidify if left too long

Like coffee oils, coffee dust can stick to various parts of the roaster and solidify if left there for too long. That said, coffee dust is unlike coffee oils as it's easier to clean. Just use a brush and a vacuum to wipe it off the roaster. It's important to keep in mind though that coffee dust can be tough to remove once it sticks onto the roaster's interior, which is why regularly wiping it off is a must.

Always check below the cooling tray

The cooling tray is probably the most deceitful part of the coffee roaster. While it looks clean and neat from the outside, coffee oils and dust can still build up underneath. That’s why it's necessary to always check the underside of the roaster. You can use a roller brush to clean the grate holes and prevent them from clogging. Doing so will ensure that the airflow is consistent and keeps your machine in perfect operational condition.

Clean the exterior of the coffee roaster

While it sounds like a waste of time, and it doesn't really affect the quality of the coffee, it's important to keep the outside of your roaster clean. Flammable material can stick onto the external surfaces of the roaster, so you must wipe it off as often as you could to eliminate a fire hazard.


Cleaning a coffee roaster will ensure that the quality of the coffee being brewed is excellent. The airflow is also not blocked and the roaster will not overheat, which lowers the chances of it causing a fire breakout.

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