A Coffee Or Two A Day Keeps Your Health Risks At Bay - WOOD ROASTED SPECIALITY COFFEE

A Coffee Or Two A Day Keeps Your Health Risks At Bay - WOOD ROASTED SPECIALITY COFFEE - The Wood Roaster

Coffee is an everyday household necessity, and many people have included a morning cup of joe in their daily routines. The smell of black coffee in a warm cup instantly comforts people and puts them in the right mood to start the day.

Aside from being a great start to a day, what many people don't know is that coffee has numerous health benefits. This black cup of tasty goodness has antioxidant properties and brain-boosting abilities that help you stay on the go. If you want to justify your daily coffee intake or thinking of being a coffee lover yourself, read up, and see all the benefits you're getting from coffee:


Coffee covers almost everything on the health list

For many people, they only drink coffee for an energy boost and caffeine kick. What they don't know is that many benefits come with their everyday cup of coffee.

One of its benefits is its antioxidant properties. There are about 1,000 antioxidants in coffees that aren't processed, and this number increases right after the roasting process. That is excellent news because antioxidants fight inflammation, chronic conditions, and sometimes help fight different types of cancers. Antioxidants protect us from cell damage and other cardiovascular diseases too.

Another benefit that you can note is that it is incredibly healthy for the heart. A Dutch study shows that moderate coffee drinkers, who take about two to four cups of coffee a day, have a 20% lower risk of getting heart diseases. That is because coffee's antioxidants protect you from arterial damage that is caused by inflammation.

Other notable health benefits include a decrease in type 2 diabetes, lower risk of developing gout, and restricted development of certain cancers.


Coffee helps boost your memory

A fantastic property that coffee has is that it improves your short-term memory. When you drink coffee, the caffeine produces a chemical reaction in your brain. This chemical reaction increases neuronal activity and commands the part of your mind that controls your attention. That is why people who drink coffee are more productive and focused on getting work done.

Another study shows that regular coffee drinkers prevent cognitive decline that is usually associated with people who have Alzheimer's disease. It is believed that coffee prevents beta-amyloid plaque buildup, which contributes to the progression of Alzheimer's.

Type 2 diabetes is a risk factor in the development of dementia. Since coffee lowers your risk of getting type 2 diabetes, you are also decreasing your chances of developing dementia.


Coffee promotes an active and happier lifestyle

If you're leading an active lifestyle, adding coffee to your pre-workout routine will help give you better performance and endurance. That is because the caffeine helps fight fatigue, strengthens your muscles, and helps change your perception of pain. Caffeine's properties make you want to work even harder and more efficiently.

Another thing you'd want to know is that coffee is the ultimate mood-booster. Since caffeine is dopamine, it promotes wakefulness. Your mood improves by blocking neurotransmitter adenosine's receptors and increases your brain's functions.



Your morning coffee cup is more than just an energy booster but also acts as a protective shield from many health risks. Now that you know the many benefits of coffee, you should start your day with coffee at home. After that, get moving, add a few more cups throughout the day for a little boost and health risk prevention in one cup.


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