Empower your baristas with knowledge about The Wood Roaster

Empower your baristas with knowledge about The Wood Roaster - The Wood Roaster

Welcome to the world of The Wood Roaster Specialty Coffee! As a cafe that proudly serves this exceptional coffee, it's essential that your staff understand why you've chosen The Wood Roaster and what sets it apart so that they can confidently answer customer questions. 

Here is a guide to educate your staff and help them answer these common questions. 


Why Did We Choose Wood Roaster Specialty Coffee?  

We're committed to serving the finest coffee, and that's why we chose The Wood Roaster. The Wood Roaster specializes in high-quality specialty coffee beans with a remarkable cupping score of 80+ across the board. This score represents a rigorous evaluation process that identifies only the finest coffee beans. 


What Makes The Wood Roaster Different?  

The Wood Roaster stands out in the world of coffee for several unique reasons. One of the most striking features is the wood-roasting process. Unlike traditional methods, The Wood Roaster employs a custom-built temperature-controlled coffee roaster powered by wood. This approach not only adds an element of craftsmanship but also enhances the flavours of the coffee beans. 

One of the key benefits of the custom-built roaster is that it never exposes the coffee beans to direct fire or smoke, so the smoke never influences the flavour of the coffee beans. A unique air roasting technique is used which means the beans are roasted using a dry heat that unlocks the rich, natural flavours in the beans unlike any other roasting process. 


What are the benefits of roasting with wood? 

Roasting coffee with wood has its unique advantages. The most obvious advantage is the unique flavour profiles thanks to The Wood Roaster’s unique air roasting process with wood, which roasts the coffee beans with a dry heat that caramelises the beans and brings out the full and natural flavour. 

The Wood Roaster is more than just great coffee; it's a brand with a heart for sustainability. At the heart of this commitment are 52 solar panels powering their roastery, a testament to their environmental responsibility. Furthermore, their wood is sourced from sustainable forests in Queensland, ensuring that for every tree used, three are replanted. 

The sustainability commitment doesn't end there. The coffee husks produced during the roasting process find new life as they are reused by local farmers, creating a cycle of sustainability that benefits our community and the environment. 

And let's not forget the local connection. The Wood Roaster is proudly located right in Marrickville, Sydney, making it a brand that's not just about coffee but also about supporting the local community. 


Are you using The Wood Roaster Branded Coffee Cups?  

As a cafe, you understand the importance of brand recognition. We recommend taking your branding a step further with The Wood Roaster branded cups. These cups not only enhance the overall presentation of your coffee but also contribute to brand recognition. When customers see our logo on their coffee cups, they instantly connect the exceptional coffee they're savoring with the quality and values that define The Wood Roaster. It's a simple yet effective way to reinforce your dedication to serving the best, and it leaves a lasting impression that keeps customers coming back for more. 

The Wood Roaster Specialty Coffee is more than just a coffee brand; it's a testament to quality, uniqueness, and sustainability. 

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