The Real Deal About Grinding Your Own Coffee Beans

The Real Deal About Grinding Your Own Coffee Beans - The Wood Roaster

There is a lot of talk about coffee freshness and how it is directly affected by grinding. It's pretty common for customers to ask their local coffee shop for their whole bag of coffee. This is because some people don't have the luxury to have a coffee grinder at home.

Why do many people think grinding the whole bag of coffee is a mistake? And why do people think it's not the best way to have coffee at home?

Before talking about the effects of grinding your coffee too early, it is good to know a few facts about whole bean coffee first. Coffee doesn't retain its freshness for a long time, especially if it isn't placed in proper packaging and storage. Ideally, you want to consume your coffee one to three weeks after its roast date. Roasters have done the math and created profiles for coffees to reach their peak the moment you have them at home.

Now that you know a bit about coffee beans and its freshness, it's now time to discuss what grinding can do to your coffee:


It may compromise the characteristics and quality of your coffee

It is preferred that you grind your coffee before brewing because you're getting all the flavours trapped in the bean fresh and in high quality. When you grind all your coffee beans too early, you risk exposing your ground coffee to elements that quickly decrease the quality of your coffee.

If you're looking for fresh, vibrant, and a balanced cup of coffee at home, grinding your whole coffee bag may reduce the chances of you having that perfect cup.


It has a higher chance of getting destroyed by oxygen

When storing coffee, you should remember to place them in an air-tight container away from sunlight, heat, moisture, and air. When you grind your coffee, you are exposing them to too much oxygen.

Coffee and oxygen aren't great friends. Oxygen quickly decays and stales your coffee, making it lose its quality and flavours faster. What oxygen does is to break down the acids found in your coffee. These acids are huge factors that give your coffee aromas, tastes, and body. When you expose your coffee to air, especially when they're ground, you compromise the coffee's cell structure and lose its best characteristics.

This is one of the biggest reasons you shouldn't grind your coffee in big batches. It lessens the quality, and it doesn't give you the best-tasting coffee your taste buds deserve.


You'll only be getting convenience out of batch-grinding


Unfortunately, when your barista grinds your coffee, your coffee's quality timer has started to tick. Though placed in an air-tight container, the first layer of coffee from the opening has begun to lose its qualities.

Every time you get coffee ground, the faster the coffee in the container loses its characteristics. Because you're dealing with ground coffee, you expose them to different elements that they can absorb every time you open the container.

If you want to experience great cups of coffee, it is best to invest in a coffee grinder for you to use at home. There are high-quality coffee gear that is accessible to the public. You can even ask your local barista for some recommendations.



Although grinding a whole bag of coffee isn't entirely a mistake, you're just compromising the good qualities of your coffee. If you want to have better coffee at home, it's a good idea to get yourself a grinder that will help give you fresh coffee grounds. Better coffee starts with having a better understanding of how coffee reacts to all the elements; once you know this, you'll find better ways to make great coffee at home.

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