What is so special about Specialty Coffee?

What is so special about Specialty Coffee? - The Wood Roaster

Coffee is one of the most in-demand products worldwide because of its ability to perk people up within the day through an energy boost. There are different types of coffee drinkers, such as those who drink it to stay active, or those who love to savour the taste of a unique roast. Either way, drinking the caffeinated drink has seen a revolution in recent years as different kinds of beans surface containing a different flavour, acidity levels, and strengths. Although there are what people call “award-winning” roasts and flavours, the best coffee debate relies solely on personal opinion. Here are a few aspects of specialty coffee that should provide insight into the different aspects that surround these unique beans.

What Constitutes Specialty Coffee products?

These products exist due to the extensive dedication of people who give their entire lives to the craft of coffee. When a producer’s livelihood becomes solely focused on providing high-quality beans, this creates an amazing taste and flavour that is not found in the usual blends. This is because of the emphasis placed on the excellent standard of coffee beans that is unique to a group of farmers. Now found all over the world, specialty beans are in high demand, which stimulates the market and keeps these people alive.

Are these Products Actually that Special?

The coffee market is divided into three categories, all of which draw fine lines on quality because not all beans were created with equal properties and qualities.

First off, the most common beans are the lower-grade commercial beans. With no clear origin, these are probably beans that found their way into the market through a middle man from different farms and sold to large scale roasteries. These are the ones found in instant sachets because they keep prices at a low and are often of less quality.

Approaching the mid-level is where the international coffee chains get their supply from. Chains like Starbucks bulk buy these middle-tier beans to make relatively good and cheap drinks for public consumption.

Beans at the top of the quality scale are the highest quality products you can buy and have a richer, more unique taste to the palate. These beans are often harvested in small batches in specialty farms located in high altitudes, which makes them harder to access and more expensive. There is normally a large selection of these rich, aromatic coffees available in smaller, specialized cafes that serve a different market. Being some of the best coffee beans available, you will find a whole new experience waiting for you.

Additionally, it is important to note that these drinks require a unique brewing and roasting process to give the full experience of aromas and flavours. Messing around with temperatures and crafting ratios will ruin the composition and make it feel like a regular drink.

The Precision in Crafting a Cup of Coffee

Precisely crafting a cup of a favourite caffeinated drink has a harmony to it, especially when done by oneself. Whether it be an award-winning roast or just a simple instant coffee, people have different methods and tastes when it comes to their brews. Some people love pod and capsule coffees for their efficiency and speed, while others love watching the coffee slowly drip down a filter or syphon. There is some kind of therapeutic effect when coffee is involved, which makes it a form of art, a science, and a spiritual ritual at the same time.


Coffee is the lifeblood of most of the workforce, as it keeps people awake and alert. Some people are dependent on it, while others love the feeling of creating and customizing their drink to have a specific taste. Either way, the dynamic range of roasts and beans make it a fun experience to try and taste all options available.

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