3 Tricks to Making The Best Coffee At Home Every Morning!

3 Tricks to Making The Best Coffee At Home Every Morning! - The Wood Roaster

Whether you need a pick-me-up before you head out for work or freshen up after the afternoon slump, there’s nothing like a good coffee cup to set you in the right mood. Cafes often serve some of the richest brews, but you can make more than your average cup of joe at home so long as you know the hacks.

The best part is you don’t need higher-end coffee machines to perfect your brew. All you need are high-quality coffee beans, the right filter, and the simple tips below to make the best caffeine boost at home.


Tip #1: Buy Fresh, Organic Coffee Every Week

No matter how many coffee-making hacks you try to absorb, the quality of your roast will always make or mar your experience. With that in mind, using fresh, organic coffee is the only way to go if you want to drink the perfect brew.

Unfortunately, coffee can get stale almost as soon as they hit the shelves in markets. You can extract the best flavours between three to seven days, though you can still get a vibrant and deep taste for up to 30 days so long as you store it in a cool, dark spot in an airtight container.

With that in mind, it’s best to buy great coffee from local roasters every week to ensure you can have a great cup every time. As for the coffee beans, going greener is the better choice in more ways than one.


Tip #2: Get the Right Grind Size

Before anything else, keep in mind that grinding the beans as you go is better than grinding them all at once and storing the rest for later. Grinding the number of beans you need ensures you can extract the full flavours for every cup.

The size can also make a world of difference between a tasty brew and a bland one. Grinding 2 to 2.25 tablespoons (14 grams) of coffee is the ideal setting when making 1 cup in a 12 ounces press pot. Meanwhile, you can make 8 cups in a large 34 ounces press pot by setting the grinder to make 8 to 12 tablespoons (58 grams) of coffee.


Tip #3: The Amount of Water and Its Temperature Is Crucial

It’s easy to think that you need to heat a pot of water when brewing coffee, but even the highest quality beans can taste bitter or bland when you set the wrong temperature. The amount and temperature of the water make a significant impact on drawing out the full flavours of the beans, so following the ideal temperature is crucial if you want to achieve the correct extraction.

When making tasty coffee, be sure the water heats up between 195 to 205F. Let it sit off the heat for 30 seconds before pouring it onto the coffee grounds in a pre-warmed press pot. Let the coffee bloom for a bit, and then enjoy the best cup of joe even without your favourite barista.


The Bottom Line: The Best Coffee Starts with Great Organic Beans

A good cup of coffee can do wonders in setting the mood for the day, but watery, bitter, or poor-tasting coffee can ruin the moment instead of act as a pick-me-up. To that end, perk up your mornings with the tried-and-tested coffee-making hacks above!

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