Why Is A Coffee Grinder A Worthy Investment

Although upgrading your coffee maker seems like a good deal, you may want to ask yourself if you’re making the most of your coffee experience. Having a good coffee maker means brewing is much easier. Even so, a coffee grinder might be the best investment you could make to complete your coffee experience.

It doesn’t matter how you like your coffee—a coffee grinder can get you the most out of it. Here are a few simple reasons you should invest in a great coffee grinder:


1 - Freshness is guaranteed

Hanging on to store-bought pre-ground coffee might not be too great because you might find yourself dissatisfied with the flavour. There might be a reason the coffee doesn’t taste too great—there’s a good chance that it’s already stale.

Pre-ground coffee is stale coffee, which means that the flavour has already been compromised. You’ll find that it’s not as strong as you want it to be, and maybe a bit bland and flat on your taste buds.

When you have a coffee grinder, however, you can have freshly ground coffee in all its glory. Great, fresh coffee has an assortment of flavours that can let you indulge in its fullness.

A little science can explain why freshly-ground coffee tastes best. Like how it can make bread, cookies, and crisps go stale, oxygen also affects the flavour of the coffee. It is called oxidation, and it can greatly alter the sweet, natural flavours of your coffee.

Smaller pieces of food are more prone to oxidation than larger ones because the oxygen can easily go through them, robbing them of their deep, lively, aromatic flavours. It means whole coffee beans seal their taste more effectively than pre-ground coffee.

Having a great home machine complete with a coffee grinder can let you enjoy your coffee in its fullest, most natural freshness, way more than you can get with any pre-ground coffee.


2 - It complements any coffee maker

Having a coffee machine can be great, but some coffee makers work best with coffee that’s ground in a certain way. Take the French press for instance. This coffee maker gets the most out of more coarsely ground coffee. Unfortunately, pre-ground coffee only comes in finely ground sizes, so you may not be doing your coffee maker any justice in this case.

With a coffee grinder, you can grind your coffee to a size that best suits your coffee maker. It offers you more freedom and flexibility in brewing your coffee. You can adjust the settings of your coffee grinder to whatever coffee you want—French press, espresso, what have you. The possibilities are endless!

One of the best on the market is the Mazzer Super Jolly Automatic Grinder, a crowd favourite from The Wood Roaster’s collection. Although leaning towards the pricier side, it’ll give you the best cup of coffee to start your day.


3 - You can make your best coffee yet

With a coffee grinder, you can unlock the possibility of making your best coffee yet by making small adjustments. You can change your coffee’s grind size to whatever suits your taste buds best. It offers you the freedom to control coffee extraction.

Controlling coffee extraction lets you alter how your coffee gets brewed and gives you a sense of balance and a whole new spectrum of flavours you can’t get with pre-ground coffee.



A great coffee grinder can let you enjoy fuller, more flavourful coffee. It gives you more freedom over your coffee, letting you brew better-tasting coffee that you can’t get with your ordinary pre-ground bags. If you want to make the most of your coffee experience, invest in a coffee grinder.

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