Wood Fired Coffee

Wood Fired Coffee - The Wood Roaster

At the Wood Roaster we use traditional wood roasting techniques. These methods make for an amazing tasting coffee - consistently! The wood-fired approach means the beans release the caramel flavours of the beans but not a smoky flavour as you may be expecting!

We practice Wood-Fired Artisan Roasting principles through a custom built, temperature-controlled air roaster, with data logging technology. As a result, our specialty coffee is unparalleled in flavour, producing a consistent roast, commonly described as cleaner, sweeter and full bodied. We only use the highest quality timber – Australian Iron Bark, as it produces an intense dry heat to bring out inherent flavour of the beans.

We are conscious of our impact on the environment and source our hardwood from sustainably managed forests. We then remove moisture from the timber by airing it in our warehouse, thereby burning only dry-aged timber. Additionally, we’ve installed a second catalytic after-burner to our roasting system, mitigating any environmental pollution.

Try one of our crafted blends to taste the difference that makes our coffee a much loved product by many happy customers

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