Experiencing Coffee Beyond Drinking - Why Specialty Coffee Is Worth It

Experiencing Coffee Beyond Drinking - Why Specialty Coffee Is Worth It - The Wood Roaster

Many people become more curious about coffee, with several specialty coffee shops now opening their doors. What makes coffee so interesting is the fact that it's an everyday necessity for many people, and yet it is incredibly complex. That is why people want to know more about what makes specialty coffee so different from the other coffees in the market, and more importantly, is it worth it?


What is specialty coffee anyway?

Specialty coffee is high-quality and high-grade coffee found in traceable regions all over the world. Professionals tasted and graded these coffees, following a certified grading system. What makes them different isn't only their coffee grade but also their growth and harvesting processes, the roasting method, and finally, the barista’s techniques to make a cup.

This whole coffee cycle is quite intricate and involves a lot of effort, research, and studying to produce the best coffees in the world.


What makes specialty coffee different?

The real story behind specialty coffee involves all the hands that were part of creating that perfect cup. When one talks about specialty coffee, they talk about the way these coffees were planted, harvested, and processed. These are important because these factors affect the flavours of specialty coffee beans.

Specialty coffee is not grown in just any land—the elevation, region, and place of the farm matter because they affect the coffee's flavour and variety. Because they are only grown in specific regions, these coffees are traceable and have the best quality. Farmers and producers involved are knowledgeable about how specialty coffee should be cultivated and managed.

After being graded at the farm, roasters purchase these beans and start the roasting profile journey. Profiling specialty coffee is both a trip in itself and a frustrating journey. A roaster's goal is to give these coffees justice by highlighting the flavours well. Producers and suppliers will usually hold cupping sessions to help provide the roaster with an idea of what kind of coffees they are working with.

Once the roaster is happy with their coffee's roasting profile, these coffees are handed to the barista who will also try to give justice to the coffee's flavours by calibrating its taste in different brewing methods. Most specialty coffee baristas are trained and certified professionals. That means they know the appropriate brewing methods, ratios, and techniques to create a fantastic cup of coffee.

Is specialty coffee worth it?

The answer to that question is: it depends on what experience you are looking for. When you drink specialty coffee, you are experiencing a story. You can talk to the barista while enjoying your cup of coffee to know more about the beans you have. Specialty coffee is more complicated than wine because you are presented with a mix of different factors that make the cup—its flavour notes, acidity, body, aftertaste, and more. So, if you want to have a different moment with your cup of coffee, specialty coffee is worth a try.


Specialty coffee is a trip from the first sip to the last one. Your cup of coffee tastes different when it's hot, and the flavours change as it cools—this is one of the essential characteristics of specialty coffee. Every cup is an on-going experience. If you're curious about what else coffee could be, specialty coffee is the best way to learn more about this everyday necessity.

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