Check out our new review by Time Out Sydney

Check out our new review by Time Out Sydney - The Wood Roaster

Wood Roaster

Time Out says

A wood-fired specialty roaster in the heart of the Inner West

When you hear the phrase 'wood-fired coffee' you might think of smoked, fiery flavours at the fore of the palette – but specialty bean roaster the Wood Roaster in Marrickville is here to tell you that that isn't necessarily the case. 

Using a custom-built, wood-powered air roaster, the Wood Roaster uses a powerful, dry heat to create beans with a caramelised flavour more commonly described as "cleaner, sweeter and full bodied". They're focussed on the details here, right down to the quality of the wood for the oven – only the highest-grade Australian Iron Bark will do. A second 'after-burner' installed in the roasting system reduces the environmental impact of the process.

While many roasters only sell beans, ground and whole, the Wood Roaster sells those as well as Nespresso-compatible recyclable coffee pods – so those without high-tech fandangled machines can still take in the pleasure of a specialty wood-roasted coffee at home. Get your hands on some high quality beans for your home or your café online now.


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