Success at the Australian International Coffee Awards

Success at the Australian International Coffee Awards - The Wood Roaster

The Wood Roaster won 2 silvers and a bronze award at the Melbourne Royal 2022 Australian International Coffee Awards.

The Australian International Coffee Awards is the only international roasting competition in Australia, receiving more than 800 entries from over 180 exhibitors from around the world.

Our award winning coffee blends included:

  1. Choc Berry was the winner of a Silver award. The judges described this blend with an aroma that reminded them of hot caramel, butter popcorn & soft stone fruit. They described the flavour as tart and sweet with notes of mandarin, raspberry, mango, black tea and herbal red clover, with an aftertaste that is more buttery popcorn & marmalade.

  2. Olivia won Silver in the Espresso category. What did the judges think of Olivia? They said it had flavours of tropical fruit, yoghurt, roasted nuts & nectarine, with a high level of sweetness and balanced acidity along with a medium, juicy body.

  3. Go Nuts won a Bronze award in the Milk Coffee category. How did the judges describe Go Nuts? Good cut through of tart raspberry on the front of the palate, tropical fruit and chocolate notes mid palate & a smooth finish.

Have you tried our award winning blends yet? Shop for them today.

We also want to thank Melbourne Royal for this recognition, and of course, to our customers and local cafe partners who proudly serve The Wood Roaster coffee every day ☕


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