We were featured in Caffeine Magazine - Lex coffee review

We were featured in Caffeine Magazine - Lex coffee review - The Wood Roaster

What did Caffeine Magazine have to say about our new Lex blend?

Caffeine Magazine

Every issue, Caffeine Australia runs a range of specialty coffees past our Blind Taste Review panel. While it is not a competition, there is often one stand-out coffee; on this occasion, it’s a filter blend called Lex, from The Wood Roaster.

Director, Kim Loupis explains: “Lex is a blend that is constantly changing from crop to crop to make it better every time.”

The current combination of Ethiopian and Colombian beans has a distinctly floral bouquet and a riot of fruit flavours and honeyed tones that are an attack on the senses.

“Our beans are sourced directly from single estate, multigenerational farms that specialise in producing high flavour profile coffee,” says Loupis. “These farms are always experimenting with new and hybrid varieties and different processing methods to create amazing coffee.”

Then comes the process that gives The Wood Roaster their name. Pneumatically temperature-controlled heat, created by burning Australian-sourced iron bark, is passed through a perforated steel drum to gently roast the beans. Loupis believes it to be ‘the ultimate and the best method to roast coffee.’

The green beans are slowly baked using approximately 60% convention, 30% conduction and 10% radiant heat, with the soft, dry convection heat penetrating easily into the core. The resulting flavour is ‘much richer and stronger than you’d get out of a traditional gas roaster.’

Our blind-folded reviewers unanimously gave Lex the thumbs up saying it had ‘a very gesha-like aroma‘ and was like ’sucking on a Sherbies lolly!’ Those who enjoy slightly lighter-bodied, fruit-forward styles will really enjoy this one.

Jasmine, Rose, Lavender, Melon, Passionfruit, pineapple, guava, berries, lime, milk chocolate, honey and caramel.

A well-balanced lighter cup with lilac floral notes, hints of jasmine and rose jelly. Bergamot aromas join deeper melon, pawpaw and soft lime flavours in a delicate, elegant coffee. A caramel, toffee, and chocolate aftertaste. Popping with sweetness.

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