All About Single Origin Coffee & Why Its Worth Every Penny

All About Single Origin Coffee & Why Its Worth Every Penny - The Wood Roaster

One of the first things you'll notice in a specialty coffee shop is their selection of beans. Specialty coffee shops pride themselves in serving only the best coffees from all over the world. These coffee shops take time and effort to curate the best selection for each season. They then work with the best roasters to properly give justice to the coffee beans. The reason single origin is a popular term in the coffee industry is because it represents the pinnacle of quality.


Unfortunately, the term single origin is thrown around a lot in the coffee industry and confuses many customers. One of the first things customers notice about single origin coffee is its price. This type of coffee is usually set at a higher value than other blends, primarily because of where it is from and its traceability.

If you're one of those customers who are incredibly curious about single origin coffee, then this article will help you. Here's what you need to know about single origin coffee and why it’s worth its price:


What is single origin coffee anyway?

Single origin coffee is coffee that is farmed, produced, and harvested in one region. Knowing this information about a coffee bean is incredibly important because you'll want to be able to trace its origin and know the process, varietals, and other components that make this coffee special.

This type of coffee follows technical and meticulous standards in producing and processing, making single origin coffee more high-quality compared to other types of coffee. This is also why single origin has a higher value in the coffee industry.

Now that you have the necessary information about what single origin coffee is, here's why they're worth trying and worth every buck:


It gives you an incredible coffee experience

Coffee in general is often served black. However, people take this for granted and don't get the full experience that coffee has to offer. If you want to taste coffee and experience it for what it truly is, you should try single origin black coffee.

One of the best ways to experience single origin coffee is by doing a traditional pour-over brew method. This hand brew method allows the barista to have control over the extraction of the coffee and its flavours. If you're new to the coffee world, one of the best coffee types you should try is African coffee. You will be able to taste fantastic fruity and floral notes in its purest and most delicate form.

When you order a single origin coffee in a specialty coffee shop, the barista will often explain and walk you through your whole coffee experience.


Its traceability will help you understand the coffee's story

Single origin coffee, as mentioned earlier, goes through meticulous processes that make it extremely special. These specialty coffee beans are hand-picked by farmers in these regions to ensure the beans’ quality.

When you buy single origin coffee, you'll be handed information about the farm, the farmers, the producers, and the coffee’s characteristics. Single origin coffee is the whole story of the region that produced the cup you are enjoying. With this information, you will recognize the value of farms, the processes, and steps it took to get to you. You are not only buying coffee; each cup represents the story and the people who worked hard to create the best-tasting coffee.



Single origin has a higher value compared to different cups of coffee because of the experience. Specialty coffee shops and coffee enthusiasts understand the importance of single origin coffee, so they are always eager to share this experience with their customers. When you buy a cup, you're also supporting an ever-growing coffee movement that helps farmers produce fantastic coffee for you.

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