Panama Geisha Single Origin - Available now!

Panama Geisha Single Origin - Available now!

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Panama Geisha Rocky Mountain Micro Lot


Country:        Panama

The Cup:        90 Points Plus

Region:           Alto De Loo Guerra, Bambito

Altitude:         1800-2100 M

Species:          Arabica

Varietal:         GEISHA

Flavour:         Passion Fruit, Guava, Rose, Berries, Whisky, Malic Acidity, Mango tart finish

Process:          Natural Control Anaerobical Fermentation with the presence of Natural Yeasts in the air. After 18 days stable fermentation, cherries are pulped and dried on Raised African beds for further 8 days; Bringing out this amazing,  out of this world fragrance and Flavour.


Aroma:   9      Acidity:   9     Body:  9          Flavour:  10   Aftertaste:  8